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Online Streaming and Hybrid Conferences

In recent years, online presentations and meetings have seamlessly integrated into the fabric of operations across nearly every industry. With our expert support, your events will exude professionalism and maximize their impact.

We specialize in operating hybrid conferences and virtual meetings, facilitating seamless presentations on popular video platforms like Zoom and Google Meet, as well as across your chosen social media avenues such as YouTube, Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, or TikTok. Alternatively, we can introduce our tailor-made streaming platform, which offers bespoke branding, moderated chat, ticketed events, and a spectrum of other functionalities.

These broadcasts can originate from conference venues, your corporate premises, rented video studios, any desired location, or even executed fully remotely by interfacing with presenters and incorporating graphical elements such as overlays, stingers or videos.

Our arsenal includes essential equipment encompassing cameras, vision and audio mixers, microphones, lighting, and professional TV-standard live interview solution for remote presenters, complemented by preview monitors for studio attendants. Furthermore, we extend comprehensive graphic design services. With these comprehensive solutions in place, you can immerse yourself in the content of your meeting, secure in the knowledge that technical intricacies are in capable hands.

Our services also encompass multilingual streaming. Translations can be executed onsite via simultaneous interpretation systems or entirely online through remote connections with interpreters. This ensures crystal-clear and comprehensible communication for every participant, irrespective of their language preference.


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