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Stage Platforms

Our comprehensive offerings encompass an array of services pertaining to both the rental and creation of stage platforms and trusses, facilitating the construction of bespoke stage configurations tailored for diverse event types. Our utmost priority is to furnish clients with professional solutions that seamlessly marry efficiency, aesthetics, and functionality.

Stage Platforms:

Our repertoire comprises expertly crafted stage modules suited for an array of occasions, from vibrant concerts to engaging conferences. Within our selection, platforms of varying sizes await, each available for custom tailoring to meet individual client needs. Whether the event is grand in scale or an intimate affair, we are poised to create platforms of the appropriate dimensions. The adaptable leg length (20 cm - 120 cm) enables the stage height to be calibrated to exacting specifications and preferences.

Stage Finishing:

Our offerings include two variations of stage platform finishing: carpet or a hard surface. Carpet infuses an air of sophistication and elegance, while a resilient and lightweight hard surface, colloquially referred to as "hips" (High Impact Polystyrene) presents a practical solution. Both carpet and hips are presented in an array of colors, permitting seamless harmonization of the stage with the event's overarching concept.

Aluminum Trusses:

We also extend aluminum trusses that flawlessly blend lightness with robustness, enabling the creation of sturdy stage frameworks. These trusses function as a base for supplementary scenic elements, and additionally serve as frameworks for the mounting of speakers or lighting fixtures.

Personalization for the Occasion:

We hold a deep understanding that every event harbors its distinct requisites and essence. Hence, we ardently strive to adopt an individualized approach for each client. Our advisory services aid in selecting platforms, finishing options, and configurations that synergistically craft a harmonious and alluring stage structure, accentuating the event's intrinsic significance.

Proficiency and Prestige:

Our offerings are underscored by a meticulous attention to detail and an unwavering commitment to craftsmanship. Our stage platforms and trusses not only epitomize functionality but also introduce an aesthetic allure, bestowing a distinguished character upon each event.

Support and Supplementary Services:

Our offerings extend beyond the realm of stage platform and truss rentals. We furnish support for event organization, expert consultation, and access to an array of additional scenic elements, encompassing podiums and conference furniture. Our objective is to provide holistic solutions that conduce to the resounding success of every event.

In summation, we present all-encompassing solutions encompassing the rental of stage platforms and trusses, ushering forth the full potential of stage space across diverse corporate and entertainment events. Our services revolve around professionalism, aesthetics, and a bespoke client approach, ensuring each event's triumph and leaving an indelible impression.


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