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TV Rental Services

We offer an array of rental services for LCD and plasma TVs, as well as stage prompters, ensuring that you'll find the perfect fit for your event's requirements.

Our selection encompasses LCD and plasma TVs, meticulously designed to exhibit high-quality content. These TVs can function as the primary presentation screen or offer visual reinforcement in larger venues, rendering clear and easily readable images for all attendees.

Stage prompters emerge as a valuable asset for public speaking and stage presentations. They empower speakers to deliver their addresses seamlessly and organically, enabling them to follow the text without breaking their gaze from the main screen. This is particularly pivotal for professional presentations, conferences, or speeches where the fluidity of communication holds utmost significance.

Our team of specialists stands ready to provide expert guidance in selecting the most fitting equipment for your unique needs. Irrespective of the event's nature, our commitment to offering top-notch equipment remains unwavering. By incorporating our LCD and plasma TV rental solutions alongside stage prompters, your event will radiate professionalism and distinctiveness.

Our screens come in various sizes:

  • 40"

  • 43"

  • 55"

  • 80"

All our TVs are adaptable for horizontal and vertical mounting, be it on stands, trusses, or positioned on the floor to serve as monitor screens for presenters.

Furthermore, we extend comprehensive services encompassing transportation, setup, and on-site assistance throughout the duration of your event.


Feel free to get in touch with us for a complimentary quote

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